Introducing Carbique

It’s seltzer. From the future.

Carbique is bold. Carbique is beautiful. And unlike other products which contribute negatively to the environment, you only need one of these. In each color.

Fizz at the press of a button

Good for carbonating up to 21 drinks, the patented Carbonizer magnetically seals to the inside of the lid. Want to refresh your beverage? Simply set your fizz level and press the top button.

Keeps your seltzer cold

The base of Carbique contains the world’s smallest micro-refrigeration technology ever built. Keep your seltzer at a crisp 36º F for up to 60 hours by charging with the included base station.

Ultra-lightweight, ultraviolet

Carbique is made from anodized titanium and was specifically designed to preserve the freshness of your seltzer. Built-in ultraviolet light kills germs and keeps your drink clean and pure.

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